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    Consumer products and computers have become omnipresent in our daily lives. Yet the circuit technologies behind these are some of the most complex designs produced today.With over 14 years in the industry, PICA has extensive experience with all the various designs used in products such as Smartphones, PDA's, tablets and computers. Whether you're working with PCB's, Flex or Rigid- Flex circuits, PICA provides quality and time-tested expertise.


    The global medical device industry is growing rapidly, with value expected to hit $228 billion by 2015, up from $164 billion in the year 2010. And with over 45% of the US population over 45 years old, demand is expected to rise for both medical care and the instruments needed to support it.Popular medical products include cardiovascular devices, dental equipment, diagnostic devices and drug delivery systems.The United States is home to 7 of the top 10 medical device manufacturers in the world. Due to extensive regulations, the ability to work within the framework of the FDA requirements is key to the success of any company in this growing market.With local offices in all the main development areas and a history of success developing and supplying interconnect solutions, PICA is uniquely qualified to assist these OEMS.


    Today's market forces often push traditional flexes into high stress environments. These harsh conditions require careful upfront planning for both rugged and robust flex constructions. A thorough review and consideration of materials are critical for a flex that will last for years in the field.


    Automotive electronics originated from the need to control engines. The first electronic pieces were used to control engine functions and were referred to as engine control units (ECU). As electronic controls began to be used for more automotive applications, the acronym ECU took on the more general meaning of "electronic control unit", and then specific ECU's were developed. Now, ECU's are modular. Two types include engine control modules (ECM) or transmission control modules (TCM).


    Military qualified components are expensive not only because of their rigorous qualification processes and extended test cycles, often repeated at extreme parametric limits and under harsh environmental conditions, but also because they have to comply with strict rules set by national or international bodies that define quality and other performance or manufacturing criteria.



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